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Some of our upcoming programme highlights...

Wednesday July 17th 1pm (duration approx 1 hour)
Tickets €10

Innabubble Theatre Company presents
‘The Mergle’s Tale’

A magical, musical, sensory puppet show for your inner child

The Mergle’s Tale is a story from deep beneath the sea of the not-quite mermaid girl Sheah, who is banished by the evil Nefando for being different. Using her magical gift of making stories come alive, Sheah takes her new friend Otto on an inspirational journey through a world of imagination towards a final showdown with Nefando in the stars.

This modern fable from Innabubble’s director Andrew ‘Skatz’ Scattergood is unique, fun and full of puppets, lights, songs, bubbles, pirate fish and an octopus artist who thinks he’s a genius.

It’s ‘a tale of no tail, with a mermaid attached!’

What age range is the show suitable for?The show and cast are flexible and intuitive so this spectacle is great for lots of different kinds of audience: 

primary school children, families and people with intellectual disabilities or dementia (smaller, more up-close audience for a more tactile show)
The language is not age-specific - mature enough to be non-patronising - while the youngest or less cognitively able will be captivated by the auditory and visual elements which tell the story equally well.
Is the show scary?
Not really. We do use some flashing lights, a wind machine, a bubble machine and a smoke machine, but not excessively. The mermaid leader Nefando is quite a nasty character but only in a typical ‘baddie’ way, and she is defeated in the end in a non-violent way (sorry, spoiler alert!) The show is designed so that children on the autism spectrum can enjoy it too, so the company is sensitive to others’ sensitivities.
What are the main themes and/or messages?
Find your own magic
Have the confidence to try
See the wonder of the world around you
Don’t treat people differently because of the colour of their scales

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