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Music- Sean Keane

Friday July 6th - 8pm
€1 adminstration fee applies
24 hrs notice required on refunds.
Price: € 26.00

Granny's Suitcase- One Man Show

At some stage during most of my concerts someone asks for me to sing
an unaccompanied song. After the show people tell me I should be doing
more of the traditional songs. People ask where do I find them, well
the answer to that is simple, Granny's Suitcase. Granny was a song
collector and she used to store them in a big old suitcase. And that
is where this show has its roots and where I have mine. During the
show I will be singing songs unaccompanied that I got from my family
and from people who used to call to my Grandmothers house. I will be
telling stories about these songs. This is a show for anyone
interested in singing the traditional way, just the human voice.

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