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The Nualas Christmas Show

Friday December 1st 2017
€1 administration fee applies
Price: € 21.00

The Nualas: Christmas Special

Shhh. Listen, what’s that sound? Is it the gentle stretch of your water pipes expanding in the Christmassy sub zero atmosphere? Is it the creaking of spanx as Maureen gets ready for the ladies’ Christmas lunch? Or is it the stretch and creak of three sets of musical knees as The Nualas do their callanetics-style warm-up in preparation for their Carnegie Arts Centre Christmas Show. That’s it, you heard it right.

This coming December 1st Ireland’s top, shiny-dressed, sparkly-shoed, comedy singing sensations The Nualas take the stage at Kerry's sexiest venue, Carnegie Arts Centre. Expect shivers up and down your spine because of the extraordinary complexity of vocal harmony - and not because you’re coming down with the flu. Expect to wet your pants because of the high quality of gag, and not because you had two pints before the show and there’s no interval. Expect a top quality, laugh your socks off, fabulous, value for money night of festive glittering entertainment.

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