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Visual Arts May 2017 Exhibition by 'Divergent Perspectives' Saffron Marriott and Daniel Forrest Smith
From Thursday 25 May 2017 -  10:00
To Saturday 27 May 2017 - 17:00
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Visual Arts May 2017 Exhibition - 'Divergent Perspectives' by Saffron Marriott and  Daniel Forrest Smith

Admission Free - All Welcome

Both are experienced artists in their own field, Saffron's paintings are inspired by the artistic scene around Cornwall where she spent much of her childhood, while Daniel works mainly with Acrylics, he also occasionally makes some sculptures from twisted wire, cloth and clock pieces which sometimes serve as references for his paintings The artist currently lives and studies in Cork for a BA Honours degree in Fine Art at the Crawford College of Art and Design. While Saffron studied at the Dun Laoire College of Art and Design where she learned draughtsmanship and design.

Exhibition runs for May during Theatre opening hours 

Visual Arts May 2017 Exhibition 

'Divergent Perspectives'

by Saffron Marriott and  Daniel Forrest Smith

Artist Statement:

Life is a brief flame that flickers against the inevitable darkness it seeks to illuminate until it eventually and inevitably is extinguished .
The artwork deals with concepts of life and death, inevitability and meaning. The materials used to create these works is as important as the subject matter; the acrylic paint being a fluid entity that's destiny is manipulated by the stroke of the brush, only to dry and become lost in a canvas full of equally dry and inanimate brushstrokes. 
Overall, the work is both alien and human, unknown and familiar, exploring its themes by following the experiences of the mechanicals artificial creatures portrayed in these paintings. These creatures blindly stumble through their unknown world, where often the only thing they can be sure exists is themselves.

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Artists Bio

Saffron Marriott is a fine artist based in Kenmare Co. Kerry. She comes from a heritage of professional painters, illustrators and authors and the artist’s trade has been in her family for four generations. She began painting at an early age and sold her first three paintings at the age of eleven to a children's art gallery in Germany. Since the age of sixteen she has been selling her work and has numerous paintings in private collections worldwide. 
She has been inspired by the artistic scene around Cornwall, where she has family and has visited since childhood, particularly the vibrant and naive art of St. Ives.
She draws her inspiration from myth and nature and has always been drawn to the landscapes, flora and fauna of Kerry, her home. She has a diversity of styles and subject matter and believes art should be a journey of experimentation. She works mostly in acrylics and mixed media using textures, impasto and glazes to produce a painterly, sometimes impressionistic effect. She strives to achieve a spontaneous, immediate impression through a dynamic handling of brush strokes. 
She studied for three years at the Dun Laoire College of Art and Design where she learned draughtsmanship and design.

Artists Statement

The creative experience that is valuable to me is good, honest, down to earth, old fashioned painting. A tradition that the impressionists risked all for, that I feel is losing value and needs more torchbearers. Art is owned by the establishment and has becomes more of a conceptual, intellectual exercise and more about appearances of sophistication and intellectual affectation. I believe there needs to be more room for humour, happiness, colour and simplicity in art and admire the naives and anyone who steps outside the established art world in a sincere way. Art should be for everyone. 
For me, my only interest and the paintbrush and the pencil and the pallet knife. I am exhilarated by the sensual experience of applying paint to canvas or board and my emotional response to colour. I am truly at home in myself in my pursuit of painting which gives me that ecstatic feeling, which is at the same time a calmness . This occurs when I see the work not in its parts but as a whole, then the self is gone and all that exists is the process of creation and I am truly painting with freedom like a child, the best of all painters!.

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